Thank you for considering to perform with Encore Theatre Collective.

Can anyone sign up?
We will take applications from any child or young adult who is aged 9 or over by the 1st of July 2020. Experience or training in musical theatre is not required.
Why do I need to fill out an application?
As we won’t get to meet you in person for your audition, this information will help us learn a little bit about you, your experience and your strengths, as well as provide us with the details to send the audition material to.
Why are you doing video auditions?
Our in-person auditions were very successful last year, however, as we grow and more people are interested in auditioning, we have to consider the most efficient way to audition a large quantity of children and young adults. A video audition also allows the performer to practice their audition material and film themselves at their best.
When will I receive information about the audition material and how to submit my video audition?
You will receive an email from us in the 24 hours after you submit this application. The email will contain the material you will need to learn for your audition video, backing tracks and instructions on how to upload and send us a link to your video.
What do I do in my video audition?
You will receive the material for two songs, an acting piece and two versions of choreography. You will then select two of the three disciplines (acting, singing, dancing) to film as your audition video.
If I decide to sing in my audition video, do I have to sing both songs?
No, we have given you two choices of songs so that you can perform the one which best suits you. This is the same for the choreography, there are two versions for you to choose from.
When do rehearsals start?
Welcome Cast Day (Saturday 15th February) marks the start of our rehearsals. This is when our cast and their families will all meet each other for the first time as well as receiving their Encore merchandise if they are a first-time cast member!
Are the lead roles cast from the video auditions?
No. The video auditions are to secure a place as a cast member in Cinderella. Separate in-person auditions will be held on the 29th of February for those cast members who are hoping to be a lead role or part of the dance troupe.
Are there any important dates that I should know about?
All Saturday rehearsals are compulsory except for the ones that fall inside the School Holiday period. Cast members cannot miss two consecutive compulsory rehearsals and we cannot allow any absences in the month of June. If you need to discuss any rehearsal conflicts, please get in touch with us via email. You will be required to confirm your availability for other important dates in the last section of the form below.
When will I know if my audition was successful?
All auditions will be notified of the outcome of their audition by the 6th of February.
What payment is involved?
All accepted cast members will be required to pay a $520 fee. More information about this can be found in the ‘what we do’ section.
Applications close on Saturday 25th January and all video auditions must be submitted by Monday 27th January.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us:

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