Encore brings together a collective of young, enthusiastic performers who take the fun from rehearsal to the stage.

Encore creates a visual spectacular for audiences of all ages to enjoy.

Encore discovers, inspires and showcases unique young talent.

Encore produces theatre experiences featuring young people—on and off the stage.

How we work

Any child or young adult wishing to take part in an Encore production must send in an audition video.

We will provide the performers with audition material once they’ve signed up. The material consists of two song options, two versions of choreography and an acting piece. The performer will choose two out of the three disciplines (acting, singing, dancing), to film as their audition video.
Website sign ups close on Saturday 25th of January with the video submissions closing on Monday 27th of January. Click below to sign up and receive the audition material!
How do I send in my audition video?
After you have signed up we will send you an email providing you with the audition material. This email will also contain instructions on how to submit your video.
What are you looking for in a performer?
Aside from your skill in the two disciplines you choose to perform for us, we are looking for people with enthusiasm and a passion to perform! Don’t be afraid to give it a go—formal singing or dancing training is not a prerequisite!
Do you cast the lead roles based on the audition videos?
No, these videos are only to secure a place as an ensemble cast member in our production. All cast members will be able to audition for lead and featured roles once rehearsals start.
When will I know if my audition was successful?
Decisions will be made by Thursday 6th February.

Cast members will have tuition costs of $520 upfront or $280 per term with a full semester commitment.

As well as regularly scheduled group rehearsals, this tuition cost includes professional headshots and individual portraits in costume, access to the classes, two intensive weekend rehearsals (one each term), and, of course, one week residency at a professional theatre. First-time cast members will also receive an ‘encore’ t-shirt, tote bag and water bottle.
Are there any additional costs?
Nothing substantial, although there may be requests of small amounts to cover some costume items as well as some self provided costume items.

Cast members will have one compulsory Saturday rehearsal per week.

If the performer is successful in auditioning for a lead role they may be required to attend an additional rehearsal occasionally on Saturday (5:30-6:30) and Thursday evenings (6:30-8:30).
Here is the Saturday rehearsal timetable:
12:00-1:00 | Junior Ensemble
1:00-2:30 | Intermediate Ensemble
3:00-4:00 | Dance Troupe
4:00-5:30 | Senior Ensemble
5:30-6:30 | Lead Rehearsal
Who will I rehearse with?
Our cast members are broken into three groups based on age and school year level—Junior Ensemble (Year 4, 5 & 6), Intermediate Ensemble (Year 7, 8 & 9) and Senior Ensemble (Year 10+).
Where are rehearsals?
All rehearsals are at a venue in Remuera.
What is dance troupe?
Dance troupe is a group that cast members who are confident dancers can audition to be part of. They will perform in extra dances in the production. If selected, they will be required to attend an additional rehearsal (as well as their Ensemble group) on Saturday from 3:00-4:00.

Our classes are designed to improve and develop the skill and technique of our cast members beyond their compulsory Saturday rehearsal and, therefore, benefit the overall quality of our productions.

Cast members can attend these classes at no extra cost. We encourage participation, however, it is not compulsory.

For this production, we will have a Musical Theatre class which is available for all cast members to attend and consists of Dance Technique, Stretch & Strength and Singing Studio.

Cast members may be invited to join our 'Encore Troupe' which will rehearse after Musical Theatre and follows a similar structure, however, is designed for more experienced performers.

Here is the Tuesday timetable:
6:30-7:30 | Musical Theatre
7:30-8:30 | Encore Troupe (Invitation Only)

Musical Theatre

Dance Technique
This portion of the class focuses on sense of rhythm and coordination, precision in movement and performance quality through learning and improving on basic dance steps, combinations and progressions across the floor.
Stretch & Strength
Encourages cast members to correctly warm up their body, building strength, and the stamina to sing and dance at the same time! Includes a variety of exercises based on pilates, yoga, strength and cardio.
Singing Studio
This is designed to provide our cast members with a sound knowledge of how to use your voice in a safe and healthy way through understanding correct vocal warm ups and technique exercises. Performers will develop their ability to sing in harmony within an ensemble and explore a range of musical theatre songs.

Encore Troupe (Invitation Only)

This class is designed for cast members who are confident and experienced in all three disciplines (acting, singing and dancing). We will focus on group performance numbers, being aware of musicianship and dynamics, whilst incorporating advanced movements.

A selection of cast members will be invited to join the Encore Troupe after participating in the Musical Theatre class for the first few weeks. Those who are interested in being part of this invitation only group must commit to attending every week.


What is the age breakdown for the groups?
Junior: Year 4, 5 & 6 (aged 9+)
Intermediate: Year 7, 8 & 9
Senior: Year 10+
Do I have to audition every time I want to be in a show even if I’ve done 'encore' before?
Yes. We require every child and young adult to audition for each of our twice-yearly shows.
Is more than one person cast for each of the lead roles?
Each role will be cast based on the suitability of the talent.
When do auditions take place?
The auditions for lead and featured roles take place during our 3rd Saturday rehearsal (29th February). Some cast members may be called back the following Tuesday or Thursday if we'd like to see them perform again.
Where are rehearsals and are they always at the same place?
All rehearsals are at a venue in Remuera. If for some reason the venue is not available on a rehearsal day, cast members will be notified of a venue change ahead of time.
What is a weekend intensive?
A weekend intensive is a way for our whole cast to get to know each other and rehearse together. Each term we will have one weekend where rehearsals for all cast are from 9am-6pm on both Saturday and Sunday.
Does the performer have to be aged 9, or can they be turning 9 this year?
Performers must be 9 years old by the 1st of July.
Can I attend the musical theatre open classes if I’m not a cast member?
Unfortunately no. These classes are only available to cast members in the current production.
I have a few conflicts with the compulsory Saturday rehearsals, is this ok?
Email us to let us know the dates, most of the time we are able to accommodate a couple of explained absences.