Encore Theatre Collective
Who we are

Encore Theatre Collective is a collaborative art.

While the performers bring the music and story to life, a team of people behind the scenes create synergy to make the production a reality. These people are vital in driving the success of ‘encore’ and what we produce.

The ‘encore four’ are a team of young, motivated and dedicated people who have the energy and ambition that only a bunch of young twenty-somethings can possess.

Between them, they hold an expansive set of valuable skills, knowledge and reputation in and out of the theatre. This assorted group shares a bond through a mutual interest in and love of musical theatre—starring in a combined total of 84 musicals in Auckland, Sydney, LA and London.

Hamish Mouat

Director / Choreographer

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Claudia Bartlett

Producer / Designer

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Phoebe Jasper

Musical Director / Vocal Coach

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Paddy Leishman

Musical Director / Vocal Coach

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Encore Theatre Collective is complemented by a talented group of the most dedicated theatre people—mothers!

Each are theatre enthusiasts who have volunteered for many years, gaining valuable knowledge and experience in costuming, coordinating, supervising, fundraising, marketing, backstage problem solving, taxi driving, singing praises—and so much more! Their devotion to the art of theatre is commendable and Encore Theatre Collective is truly fortunate to have each and every one of them as part of the team.

Leoni Willis

Production & Costume Designer

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Cath Fraser

Wardrobe Assistant

Raewyn Epps

Wardrobe Assistant

Caren Jasper


Miriam Robinson

Events Coordinator

Jo Raymond