Nicola Jean

Musical Director / Vocal Coach

Nicola first appeared on stage at the age of 4 as a mouse in her ballet school’s Christmas concert, and has since performed in over 20 productions across Auckland (although her ballet career didn’t last very long).
Music & singing have always been a huge part of Nicola’s life, and she credits her parents wildly differing tastes in music (classical for mum, classic rock for dad) as the basis for her love of many different music styles—she’ll listen to anything, as long as she can sing along!

Nicola was a reasonably shy child and although she took drama classes from a young age, she didn’t sing in front of anyone until her Mum saw an ad in the paper for a local youth theatre company and took her along to the audition day when she was 10. From there, Nicola's love of musical theatre was born. She enrolled in the youth theatre company, started musical theatre classes, and has since appeared in countless productions and musical reviews.
Her strongest suit has always been singing, As a teenager she began training in classical, lyrical and musical theatre with the incomparable Janice Webb, one of New Zealand's most respected and sought after singing teachers. She continues to study under the guidance of the wonderful Caroline Everitt, who was also trained by Janice Webb.

Nicola began her vocal coaching/musical directing career in 2019 as the Vocal Coach for Peter Pan Jr (directed & choreographed by Hamish) which won Best Youth Production at the 2020 NAPTA Awards. Most of the projects she has worked on have been led by Hamish, and she wouldn't have it any other way!
Outside of her work with Encore, Nicola works as an Adviser and the Administration Manager for one of Auckland's leading business insurance firms—about as far away from theatre as you can get. Although she loves her ‘day job’ and has even been labelled 'The Future of Insurance', Encore rehearsals have become a highlight of her week.

Nicola looks forward to working with all present and future Encore cast members, ensuring they have a happy, positive environment to safely grow their voices—just like she had.